PNMIC’s mission is to catalog everyday products NOT made in China and make them readily accessible for purchase.

What we know is true

You have the right to be informed

Be it a moral obligation or conscious decision, we strive for giving users the tools to make the best informed choice possible. With the vast majority of products on shelves made in China, we limit our own revenue by making sure that you, the user, will benefit the best.

Our leadership

Amr Metwally
CEO and Founder

Amr first fell in love with computers back in 1987 when his elementary school handed out Commodores to take home. He engineered software through-out the 1990's and transitioned to web development early 2000. PNMIC, known as, Proudly NOT made in China, was a side project started late 2010 that had a surprise following. In addition to PNMIC, another of Amr's hot internet properties is OpenTaxi. A taxi app for real taxi drivers.